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Void Creature System 2017-02-25

Void Plague invasion of TerMur

  1. Visam
    Void Creature Invasion System
    For info about the Void invasion see:

    This system spawns 4 to 6 Korpre in many random locations all over TerMur once per hour until it reaches the NumToSpawn. I avoided towns and the main housing areas.

    The Korpre in this system evolve over time depending on what they do they can become:

    Betballem by killing
    which can become Ballem by killing
    which can become UsagralemBallem by killing

    Anlorzen by grouping
    which can become Anlorlem by grouping
    which can become Anlorvaglem by grouping

    Anzuanord by surviving
    which can become Relanord by surviving
    which can become Vasanord by surviving

    there is also a chance to spawn an Ortanord as a byproduct of evolution.

    To install:
    Remove Scripts\Mobiles\Void Creatures folder
    Remove Scripts\Mobiles\Normal\Ortanord.cs

    comment out the following from BaseCreature.cs

    #region SA
    if (LastKiller is BaseVoidCreature)

    comment out the following from PlayerMobile.cs

    if (LastKiller is BaseVoidCreature)

    Drop the Void Invasion folder into your location of choice and restart

    once the server is up and your logged in type:
    [Add VoidCreatureInvasionSystemController
    then target the location you want to place it.
    Double click it and you will see:

    Active False by default set to true to enable the system
    NumToSpawn If there are less than this number of void creatures in the world it will spawn 4-6 more once an hour (default is 25)
    RemoveAllVoids if set true deletes every voidcreature currently spawned then sets itself back to false

    This system limits the number of void creatures in the world and closely mimics the mechanics for evolving on Broadsword.

    WARNING: the evolution process causes normal and XML spawners to lose track of void creatures, so if they are placed on normal or XML spawners and are not killed often enough they would take over the map eventually. Remove them from all spawners and you should be fine...

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions feel free.