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Way to allow just humans or elfs.(APG by Lokai). 2020-02-08

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Hello guys,afetr a long time looking for allow just elfs or humans under SA+ expansion,i found a solution modifiying a bit the "Advanced Player Gate" by Lokai,so i do not have any credit for that.
Here is all i do:
I created a closed start zone for new charactes with these 2 gates,so when they move over one of these they get desired race,including colored skin.
Also deleted the gump send by the gates too,but you can configure using [Props command on gates to teleport chars to a new location,set their skills,stats and all the amazing features in de APG.
Thank you Lokai and i hope someone find these gates profitables.
See u!
Note: Oops,i do not renamed them inside scripts so use [Set name command after add the gates.
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