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World Egg Hunt Event 1.0.1

This is a world event, all players can play, or ignore, read more :)

  1. Bittiez
    What Is This?
    This is an Egg Hunt event(Not necessarily related to Easter).

    Installation and ServUO version
    To install simply unzip the file to /Scripts/Custom/

    Tested with ServUO Publish 54

    Type [StartEggHunt

    An egg will be placed at your feet, and all players on the same map will have an arrow and a message telling them the arrow points towards the mystical egg.

    When they find the egg, they need to double click the egg and it will disappear, the finding player will receive a random reward(You can set the rewards in the script yourself)

    What rewards are there?

    Well you can set any rewards you want, but right now the default is random between:
    Deer Mask
    Bear Mask
    Small Fishing Net Deed
    And a 100% random power scroll with a random value of 95-120(you can change this easily in the script)

    How do you start it?
    Type [StartEggHunt wherever you want the egg hidden.