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XmlSpawner Addons 2014-09-05

Mob Factions, Siege, Attachments, Level Items, Paragon, Points PvP

  1. tass23
    Most of the extra addons for XmlSpawner that have been gathered from various sources on the 'Net. There is a text file for the installation of each Addons, except Level Items. The instructions for installing Level Items is in the XmlSpawner Installation 2.0 txt file.

    I haven't made any changes, these are the original downloads. My hat's off to Arte and everyone else involved in the development of these packages.

    Contained in the archive file:

    Xml Attachments - Allows for special attachments to be added to almost anything on a shard.

    Xml Mob Factions - Allows for the creation of Custom Factions and tagging of the mobs included for each new faction.

    Xml Siege - Powerful addon that allows for the destruction of walls and doors, and even multis. Plus it includes siege weaponry.

    Xml Level Items - Now any item on a shard can level and increase its stats!

    Xml Paragon - Fast and easy way to have paragons ANYWHERE!

    Xml Points PvP - Nice system that keeps track of wins/losses, includes several different PvP games as well.