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XmlSpawner Addons - Mob Factions, Siege, Attachments, Level Items, Paragon, Points PvP

Most of the extra addons for XmlSpawner that have been gathered from various sources on the 'Net. There is a text file for the installation of each Addons, except Level Items. The instructions for installing Level Items is in the XmlSpawner Installation 2.0 txt file.

I haven't made any changes, these are the original downloads. My hat's off to Arte and everyone else involved in the development of these packages.

EDIT: In order to get the Level Items to work, this code MUST be added in Basecreature.cs. All other code changes are made following the Xmlspawner installation guide.
Look for:
if ( speechType != null && !willKill )
speechType.OnDamage( this, amount );

And right under that add:
if ( !Summoned && willKill )
LevelItemManager.CheckItems( from, this );

Contained in the archive file:

Xml Attachments - Allows for special attachments...

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