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    Fixed I can not see the granite item graphics.

    Yea, found it, fixed. Sorry about that.
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    Fixed I can not see the granite item graphics.

    what type of granite?
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    ServUO Casting vs RealUO

    Very nice, thank you.
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    ServUO Casting vs RealUO

    Yea you'd need similar pings, defiantly.
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    ServUO Casting vs RealUO

    I used EasyUO. But like I said, its nearly impossible to account for lag on an EA server, and comparing it to a test server with virtually no lag. Also, some spells may have longer cast times than others in a particular circle, such as blade spirits. MOst spells would need to be tested individually.
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    Not A Bug Granite.cs

    Its called Granite: public class Granite : BaseGranite { [Constructable] public Granite() : base(1) { } [Constructable] public Granite(int amount) : base(CraftResource.Iron) { if (Stackable)...
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    ServUO Casting vs RealUO

    You need a way to time it, from cast time to target time, preferably in milliseconds. You then need to take into account latency for lag.
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    Not A Bug Granite.cs

    It is not missing the plain granite, I'm looking at it right now.
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    Publish 56

    Public 56 content is in the ServUO repo. I'd like to remain as is content wise, with the exception of bug fixes for another week or so before we roll out publish 56, officially. Things to test, specifically, Krampus Encounter (will need to activate it via [SeasonSystemGump), Astronomy, Crystal...
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    Fixed Missing multi use Trapped Box

    So what happens if you try to trap it, with say, an explosion trap?
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    Fixed Issue with dough stacking in cooking bods

    Yep, definitely a bug, thanks!
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    how to remove placed basemultis?

    An xmlfind with range check is how i do it. I can never remember those fancy commands lol.
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    Hello everyone.

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    Not A Bug Services/Craft/Core/CraftItem.cs

    You need to update your framework to 4.7.2.
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    Not A Bug ConsoleCommands stops responding on an empty line

    Can't do it, because it would constantly spam help over and over.