I am an inspiring Digital Artist, along with music and programming. I Started with UO since I was prob 13 was working on scripts at 15. Have taken a break from UO to play FPS Games, Did some art design for those games for a while editing my own UI, I had in place. After I quit gaming for a while I sit back and just come up with ideas for UO again, new Features which I write down on paper. So I am back with scripting in hopes I can furthermore increase my knowledge in programming, and create new custom graphic Content.

Many Of the things I Create Could be Recreations of older Games Franchise,

My Graphic Influences Include Many Games and other various things throughout Childhood and Today still
Yu-Gi-Oh, D&D, Baulder's Gate, Dungeon Siege, Diablo, Path Of Exile, Greek Mythology, LOTR, Dark Cloud, Warcraft (both online and off), Pirates of the Caribbean, Norse Mythology, Ancient Egypt These are Many Things That Give Me Influences to my Art,

I am Hoping to Bring to life a lot of Yu-Gi-oh Inspired Items. I Hope to Progress my Skill in Graphic designing, Giving me an Arrangement of projects I can display As background in the future of my road to be a Graphic designer.
Oct 19, 1995 (Age: 26)
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(indevelopment) - Just a testing shard now.






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