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    Marble Pieces

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    Need help instaling a script pm me

    Most custom scripts are "plug and play" meaning you can place them anywhere in your Scripts folder of your server files and you'll be good to go (after a restart). Most people create a subfolder within Scripts called "Custom", "Customs", "Custom Scripts" or whatever to keep them all organized...
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    Need help instaling a script pm me You can also ask for help with scripts if you run into problems in Script Support, we don't charge anything here. :cool:
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    CentreD Scale & Resolution on Windows 10

    Another option which seems to work on Win 10 (I just tested) is to go to your Display settings, scroll down to "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" and play with the slider. It affects everything, so you'll need to rest it when not using CED, but it successfully zooms everything.
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    CentreD Scale & Resolution on Windows 10

    Are you talking about the tool buttons at the top and Tiles/Navigation tabs on the left? If so, I don't know of any ways to change those. You can, however, make the itemID/tile images larger in the view area by changing them in Settings at the top. If you're having trouble clicking the Tool...
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    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    Can you pm it to me? I'll take a look.
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    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    I had an updated install tutorial posted, but it seems to have vanished. Have you made it as far as entering your file names etc for the initial setup? Did the server.exe generate an xml file?
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    curious construction helper

    Really great stuff, korm!
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    Not new, but newly returned!

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    Not new, but newly returned!

    Hi all! I'm not new to UO or ServUO, I was one of the original staff/admin when we ported over from CraftUO under Insanity many years ago. As is typical, life got hectic and I took a fairly long hiatus from UO, ServUO and working on my private roleplay shard. Things have calmed down finally and...
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    CentrED+ Install Tutorial

    CED+ works fine on 64bit. Did you try running as Admin?
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    Looking for a Tiling script/command that doesn't fill

    I don't have access to any code right now (not easily legible or searchable on my phone), but I'd assume xmlspawner does some sort of looping check when it spawns a mobile to make sure it isn't spawning on something thats flagged impassable or where a static art is drawn etc. I would start by...
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    Looking for a Tiling script/command that doesn't fill

    You might be able to write a simple loop that checks the spawn tile for an existing item and if it contains one then skip that tile for spawning, no? This would work for vegetation and outdoor decor.
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    Uo Fiddler Tiledata

    Did you copy the tiledata file into your sets of files for both the server and client? Also, did you restart the server and client after changing said files?
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    You know it's time to get a backlit keyboard when...

    Yeah, but, did you shitdown with or without shaving? You should always shave when you shitdown. Just saying.