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    Full ServUO Server Land of Archon

    how do I spawn the world?
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    how would I run a server on wdmycloud? and does anyone know if it is even possible?
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    loot rights

    problem on my shard I'm having is when I kill a mob, no one else is able to see loot on that mod when they open the corpse, only the person who killed it, is their a way to change this so all monsters are lootable by everyone?
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    eatable corpses

    ill check there thnx, I'm still googling to cause one shard I played would give you a cooked head or cooked arm from acorpse..... I may change meat so dog meat when cooked is listed as such...
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    Abandoned or Donated Full Shards

    I'm still looking for marchadium if anyone finds it let me know... I'm also developing my own server, rewrote leather to add in 7 er 8 customs like dog leather and cat leather and I'm adding in lots of scripts from here and merging em, once its done ill post it for all.
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    eatable corpses

    used to play on a sphere server that allowed you to cook and eat corpses, and had a hunger system, any idea what I would need to change or is this a large overhaul?
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    cool uo like game

    this game is not uo, but is similar play style, pretty kool, heres a vid of my son playing it.
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    git hub merging

    quik question on git hub, I hav a very customized server set up, can I just create a local clone of master like on git tutorial, sync it with master and then overwrite it with my custom files,. will this work to then keep me merged with future updates?
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    decay rates

    thnx so i just put that instead of the calc that is in the file...ill try it tonight, my server is a lan shard i only play with my kids so i dont worry about item counts.....
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    The Grove Released. [Deleted]

    awsome server, play it with my kids alot
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    decay rates

    kool ill try that thnx ill set it to like 40000 hours er so.
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    decay rates

    i am trying to set items so nothing decays how would i go about doing this?
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    sounds really cool, let me know when ur done, ill try it out
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    OWLTR 4.0 for ServUO Pub 54

    im having truoble with getting it to work even when i try to copy over to a fresh servuo install, how do i get hub your merged version?