1. RedRooster

    Art Animated Snow 1

    As requested made an animated snow effect. Contains 8 Frames. Same process to enter frames as rain. Tho when doing the animdata you can vary the speed to make it a light snow/blizzard. Could also play around with dying to get extra effects such as volcanic ash. Hope you guys enjoy :)
  2. RedRooster

    Art Animated Rain 1

    This animation contains 8 frames. Tried to get a good animation of rain in game that can be used as an item for special areas. Really helps set the mood and make it feel very gloomy. Apart from normal rain you could have acid rain, blood rain, ice, etc.. Since this is one giant item it should...
  3. RedRooster

    Art Galaxy Flooring 1

    This is an animated floor pattern. To enter this you will need an understanding of not only how to add items into game via uofiddler but also how to add anim data relative to the frames. The pattern is 2x2. Each "static frame" has 4 floor tiles per animation frame. I would suggest adding the...
  4. Vert-I-Go

    Animations Humanoids 2018-03-06

    Animations of Humanoid Monsters Bugbear Bullywog Deep Troll Or Frost Troll Ettin Frost Troll Mage Gnoll Captain Gnoll Kuo_Toa Kuo-Toa Mage Kuo-Toa Fry
  5. Vert-I-Go

    Animations Giants 2018-03-06

    Package includes: Fire Giant (Sword) Fire Giant Frost Giant Stone Giant All files have been corrected with correct frame numbers to work with all UO clients.
  6. Vert-I-Go

    Animations Underdark Package 2018-03-06

    These are High Animation files including Drider (Male) Drider (Female) Mind Flayer Hive Mind (Mind Flayers Leader) Umberhulk Hook Horror Remorhaz Carrion Crawler Beholder 3 Types of underdark Spiders. These are all VD Files all frames have been corrected and made sure to...
  7. Valorian-Aeternum

    UO-Pixel 2016-01-31

    UO-Pixel is a german graphics portal run by Eriminator (known for her work for UO-Mittelerde, etc). It is randomly updated with condributions from Eriminator or other artists, willing to give away their work for free. You can find complete maps, new animations, a lot of arts, gumps and stuff...