1. Vert-I-Go

    Animations Humanoids 2018-03-06

    Animations of Humanoid Monsters Bugbear Bullywog Deep Troll Or Frost Troll Ettin Frost Troll Mage Gnoll Captain Gnoll Kuo_Toa Kuo-Toa Mage Kuo-Toa Fry
  2. Vert-I-Go

    Animations Giants 2018-03-06

    Package includes: Fire Giant (Sword) Fire Giant Frost Giant Stone Giant All files have been corrected with correct frame numbers to work with all UO clients.
  3. Vert-I-Go

    Animations Underdark Package 2018-03-06

    These are High Animation files including Drider (Male) Drider (Female) Mind Flayer Hive Mind (Mind Flayers Leader) Umberhulk Hook Horror Remorhaz Carrion Crawler Beholder 3 Types of underdark Spiders. These are all VD Files all frames have been corrected and made sure to...
  4. Valorian-Aeternum

    UO-Pixel 2016-01-31

    UO-Pixel is a german graphics portal run by Eriminator (known for her work for UO-Mittelerde, etc). It is randomly updated with condributions from Eriminator or other artists, willing to give away their work for free. You can find complete maps, new animations, a lot of arts, gumps and stuff...