1. Wilson

    Loot Locator - Player Tool

    Loot Locator ~Player Tool~ Simple but effective little script, if you want to allow your players to be able to find a item they are looking for in the loot of a creature in the world! Than let them use this system! All the player needs to do is type [LocateLoot <Name of Loot> and they will...
  2. Slayer vulnerability...

    Hello everyone, I use ServUO and am struggling to script a particular function. The catch is that I cannot modify any existing files on the server (since I act as a GM and not the server administrator). Hence, I can only create a new file and work on that. What I need is to create a base...
  3. [Skill command 1.0

    Invokes skill, same as clicking the blue gem in the skill list, but with a command. Some commands also have an alias, e.g. "disco", "discord", "discordance" or "hide", "hiding".
  4. Bittiez

    Point command 1.0.1

    What is this? This command allows players to point at [people, items, the ground, static objects, etc] Installation Put it in Scripts/Custom/ Usage [Point and target something
  5. Zigholtul88

    Sell Pet 2020-10-25

    Another command I made specifically for my server because I ingested a bit too much of the Old Toby. Allows players to get rid of any tamed creatures in exchange for gold based off of the target's base stats. That way, you don't have to constantly tame something, release it, then kill it off for...
  6. StaticHex

    Sacrifice Command Sacrifice Command v1.1

    A very small which adds 2 commands Sacrifice and the shorter version Sac which allow players to target a corpse and remove it for a small amount of gold (currently set between 6 and 10 pieces). Kind of tossing around a couple ideas as well so this may get updated a bit more over the next few...
  7. Savage

    Command to add Body Values 1.0 2018-12-30

    Just a command to add all "working" body values. What do I mean "working"? Not all the values are even visible. Some are even Dangerous. One in particular is very bad. Anyways, thank you Ice for this nice tool.
  8. Voxpire

    Misc Global Gold Counter 1.0

    Global Gold Counter Exposes methods and a command used to count world gold totals. [CountGold <staff:true|false> Pop a notification containing the world gold query results. Staff owned gold is excluded by default. Ex. 1: Exclude staff owned gold; [CountGold Ex. 2: Exclude staff owned gold...
  9. demented

    News Gump Command 1.0

    just a simple little gump and Command That Shows Player what was recently added to a shard..and Is customizable..I left a few lines as an example How it works..