1. Voxpire

    Misc Upgrading to .NET 4.8 for old projects

    This tutorial is a short and sweet step-by-step guide on updating the target framework for older projects such as RunUO 2.2 and earlier, or ServUO P56 and earlier. This assumes that your project is set up with the necessary SLN and CSPROJ files needed to compile using MSBuild / CSC. Using...
  2. Nerun

    Linux, Make (compile) and ServUO 57.3

    Hi there, I am trying to compile ServUO 57.3 on Linux but no success. My system: Linux Mint 21.2 Mono Dotnet 7.0.110 ServUO 57.3 Using "make" works, a file "ServUO.exe" is created, but it doesn't run. Output is below. ServUO pub 58 compile whitout issues, but it's a work in...
  3. BeardFish

    Compile.WIN - Release not creating ServUO.exe

    Hey guys! I had to recompile my server for some testing and I've been having trouble trying to run 'Compile.Win - Release' to produce 'ServUO.exe'. I get the following message during the execution and nothing happens at the end : C:\ServUO>"C:\ServUO\bin\roslyn\csc.exe"...
  4. SimonOmega

    HowTo: Compile and Run ServUO using Mono in Linux

    Hello alll, This guide will explain how to compile and execute ServUO under Linux using Mono. I am using these specific versions: Kali Linux - a Debian based distrobution Linux 5.9.0-kali4-amd64 - Debian 5.9.11-1kali1 (2020-12-01) x86_64 GNU/Linux UO Classic Client
  5. Fire-Dragon-DoL

    Any way to pre-compile scripts instead of compiling when server starts?

    Hello! I'm a software developer and having the build-run-buildscripts process is just an annoyance. I'd rather build the scripts as part of the (existing) Makefile. I see two options: - A command line option to compile the scripts before the server is started (I don't think this is supported) -...