custom graphics

  1. RedRooster

    Art Rooster's Custom Clothing/Item Art

    Hello, I've been creating graphics for servuo for a few years now. I have many free resources and will keep those up for all to enjoy! This post will be used to update information on my personal vendor page. Please feel free to drop by and check out the products I have for sale! ( I...
  2. RedRooster

    Art Enchanted Rose 1

    Based off of Beauty and the Beast Rose. This Resource is animated. Tho you could put in a single frame and have it a static item if you so wish. The animation is comprised of 5 frames each in the intended order inside the zip file. Will be working on an alternate version that has the petals...
  3. otimpyre

    Holes 2017-01-15

    Each hole is 4 pieces and is to be used like solen hive teleporters Included in download is Snow (Shown above) Sand Forest Jungle Cave
  4. otimpyre

    Chains of Torment 2017-01-10

  5. otimpyre

    Bobble Heads 2017-01-10

    Miniature statuettes / fallout bobble head style
  6. otimpyre

    Halloween Town Fountain 2017-01-10