1. fink

    Using AI images to create new game UI

    Hi all, I messed with this idea this morning and wanted to share my small progress. Maybe it can help others with ideas. The idea is to use AI to create new gumps backgrounds, buttons, etc. I started with background since I believe they are the most useful and hard to do. Here are the steps I...
  2. TheArt

    Art Art's Art set 2021-10-12

    All of my custom art packs that aren't animations are included in this pack including gump art. Enjoy There are custom gump art for clothing as well
  3. RedRooster

    Art Mjollnir - Thor's Hammer 1

    Based off Thor's Hammer. I made this to be used with GMRasta's wep script: ( Mjollnir - Thor's Hammer ). Tho it can be used as standalone art if you so wish. Designed to be partial hue (2nd photo left image shows partial hue tag applied right is non partial hue) To add this you will need a gump...
  4. Erachiro

    Art Erad's Custom UO Content Historic Armors / World Of Echordia Content

    Erad's Custom Gump Art Info I am an inspired hobbyist graphic designer, I have always loved the art form of UO as a whole. In my free time, I am always up to making new content for UO. I am happy to show everyone on Servuo my artwork, Everything you see in this pack is free to use. Links...