1. Larger foundation sizes

    Has anyone tried to increase the 18 x 18 three story to a 24 x 24, I found the multi scripts for houses, it seems to reference a Hex ID I'm assuming is coming from one of the game files but, I wondered if anyone knows what file it is referencing?
  2. Unable to access house menu

    Hi All I've scoured the internet and wasn't able to find an answer and hoping someone on this forum may be able to point me in the right direction. My problem is after placing a house, I am not able to access the house menu. When I double-click on the house sign the only gump i get is gold...
  3. Sareus

    Oldschool Viewable Locked Down House Containers

    I noticed at some point UO changed the way Container in Houses were handled. At one time it was so that if someone Locked Down a Container instead of Securing it, anyone could view into it obviously not being allowed to alter it's contents. Essentially allowing them to function as display cases...
  4. Voxpire

    Knive's Town Houses 3.01

  5. Akhentef

    Sandstones Houses & Castle 2019-01-24

    I thought I'd contribute to the community my sandstone houses and castle. Argonious inspired me to start building again. Hope you enjoy them and I look forward to seeing your builds as well!!