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[TownHouses: View a list of all TownHouses and access their menus here. You can also create new TownHouses from this menu.

[TownHouseErrors, [the: View or report errors in the TownHouse system. Very similar to previous Error systems in Chat and TownHouses.

"Create rental contract": If allowed, players can use this spoken command in their home to begin the setup for renting portions of their home.

"Check house rent": Players can check to see how long before their rental cycle expires by speaking these words while in their home. At the end of the cycle, if the rent is reoccurring, the bank will attempt to take gold automatically. If not reoccurring, the bank will pack up the player's belongings and put the home back up for rent.

"Check storage": While usable by all home owners, this command is especially useful for renters. It will detail how many lockdowns and secures are used by their rental property, and include those figures in how much storage they have available.

Features included in this system: Turn static buildings into homes, turn anything into a home, supports odd shaped homes, allows players to rent out their homes, easy to install, easy to use, and much more!


With this system you can not only sell static buildings to players, you can sell or rent any portion of land in any shape and size! Nothing like owning Blackthorn's Castle, or the center of the Hedge Maze! Good way to give many of the never-used areas of the game some life.

These houses come with all the housing features we've come to love: lock downs, secures, private, public, vendors. In fact, it's derived from RunUO's own housing system! Setup is fairly simple, with a step-by-step menu to guide you through the process.

Players can also rent out their property, as long as they own it! By speaking the "Create rental contract" command in their home, players can rent out unused rooms and make a little bit of cash on the side. This also works with classic and custom houses! You can also require players to have a renter's license to rent property, which you will have to add for sale. You can find that option in Misc/General.cs right near the top.

To begin as a staff member, use the command [TownHouses. Here you can create a new TownHouse through the setup menu. This menu takes you step-by-step through the many different features you can apply to the home, with detailed explanations at every level.

In brief, here's all the neat things you can customize with the home: lockdowns, secures, the area and floors, the sign location, ban location, whether or not to include items in the area with the purchase, restrictions on who can purchase the home, how much to charge, whether it is a purchase or rent, automated price suggestion.

While the home is owned, you can change its price, lockdowns, secures, its area, and ownership requirements through the now invisible TownHouseSign. Just in case you need to adjust the home!

- Remove any older versions of TownHouses.
- Remove any older version of Utilities (Now obsolete)
- Place the TownHouses into a custom folder!
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