map file

  1. Voodooburst

    Texterr.def: How to use it?

    Hi, I've been having trouble with some tile types for a while now. Let me explain: these tiles when they are at Z = 0 are displayed correctly in the client, when they are tilted [for example to reproduce an uneven terrain], they are displayed as a completely black tile or they are converted into...
  2. TheArt

    Maps Blank Staidx & Statics 1.1

    So knowing how programs work, I also know that if I ended up with a statics file that was over a 1 gig big from CentrED+ that I shouldn't be the only person who ends up having that hiccup. That being said, I know you, like me, wouldn't want to have to go back and redo EVERYTHING. Learning how...