1. Covetous Spawners

    Hi all, need help understanding where the creatures are coming from. I notice all the xml spawners inside Covetous 3rd lvl are off. Yet I still see spawn appearing.
  2. Thagoras

    Issues with mobs

    Hey, Does anyone know of a good animated GIF creator? The problem is that the background is white...but it's also set as the transparent. I'm not wanting to fix these one frame at a time because there are hundreds to go through ...not to mention the other mobiles I have like this. I have 3...
  3. FiftyTifty

    Adding context menu to hireable NPCs

    For my first script, I decided to do something that I thought would be simple. Add a context menu to hireable NPCs (peasants, fighters, etc), that makes them say a line of dialogue. No errors, scripts.dll compiles fine, but an additional entry doesn't appear. Here's what I've done: 1. Created...
  4. Erachiro

    Erad's Creatures and Monsters 1.0

    Collection of various creatures I am scripting over time
  5. I don't know how to initialize an event with "hits" Help pls

    I would like to create an "event" that listens ( checks ) the character's health (hits) when "Hits" below 33 call BleedAttack.method Using Server.Mobiles 1613735342 any suggestion of the code Would be helpful