1. nerv0us

    Spawn Question

    I was wondering if its possible to make a spawner of a colored horses, with the chances of the respawn being the same as the colored ores. But to avoid people killing the horses to get another respawn, i want to know if there is a way to edit the spawner, so if the mount was killed, the nest...
  2. Bonus while mounted

    Hello! This is my first script, i've just copied Horse.cs and changed some parameters. I'd like to buff rider's magery when mount the sphinx and obviously lose this bonus when dismounted. I have tried to override the OnDoubleClick method in order to buff the rider, but i can't figured it out how...
  3. Zigholtul88

    Ridable Capybara 2020-08-08

    Not sure if this has been released so far since I was unable to track one as of recently. It basically uses the same stats as a horse along with sound bytes from a giant rat. Just plug into your customs folder and enjoy.
  4. ControlSlots Problem!

    I add some new mount creatures.but when the servuo run, all new creatures'controlslots are all become 0,and can't change.and followers are 0.I try to fix it ,and can't find the reason,Some expert who can help me to solve this. Here is one of my new script below: using System; using...
  5. Ancient Windrunner 2018-03-23

    This is one of the custom mounts on UO Darwinism. I've also included a claim scroll which will give out the donation version of the pet, level 30, and bonded. - Daemon Pack Instinct - Equine Pack Instinct - Fire Breathe - Explosion Lightning Bolt Attack - Randomly Tamable - Two variations. --...
  6. Shazzy

    Windrunner Ethereal 2017-02-05

    A new ethereal with the latest patch, he is cute!
  7. Kamras

    Allow Gargoyle to Ride Mounts 07/17/2018

    What this does is allow a gargoyle toon to ride mounts without glitching out and disappearing. This is done by using a bodymod and turning them into human (kind of) which the graphic exist for. When they remove the robe they go back to normal. Additionally to prevent future issues the script...