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Allow Gargoyle to Ride Mounts 2016-05-28

Allow Gargoyle to Ride Mounts

  1. Joshua
    What this does is allow a gargoyle toon to ride mounts without glitching out and disappearing. This is done by using a bodymod and turning them into human (kind of) which the graphic exist for. When they remove the robe they go back to normal. Additionally to prevent future issues the change to login stats was done so if someone logs out wearing their robe, they login and its kicked off their toon into their pack.

    I do not use the gargoyle race as is, however if you do, you can just insert this line into the script to make it so only gargoyle can equip it.

    Code (C#):
    1. public virtual bool CanBeWornByGargoyles{ get{ return false; } }
    I'm not offering support for this, I have many other side projects keeping me occupied, just figured this would be a nice share.

    Instructions -

    1) Put ShroudOfTheEternalSteed.cs into customers Folder

    2) Find LoginStats.cs and add this, prevents the robe from staying equipped during toon login to prevent the normal invisible toon glitch.

    First Add this reference to the top

    Code (C#):
    1. using Server.Items;
    Then Add

    Code (C#):
    1.             if (m is PlayerMobile)
    2.                 {
    3.                     // Shroud 1 If Equiped, moves to pack...
    4.                     Item shroud1 = m.FindItemOnLayer(Layer.OuterTorso);
    5.                     if (shroud1 is ShroudOfTheEternalSteed)
    6.                         m.AddToBackpack(shroud1);
    7.                 }
    3) Next Locate your BaseMount.cs and Add this to OnDoubleClick

    Code (C#):
    1.         public override void OnDoubleClick(Mobile from)
    2.         {
    3.             // This Makes ALL Mounts Require specific item to be used...
    4.             if (from.Race != Race.Human && from == this.ControlMaster && from.IsPlayer())
    5.             {
    6.                 Item pads = from.FindItemOnLayer(Layer.OuterTorso);
    8.                 if (pads is ShroudOfTheEternalSteed)
    9.                     from.SendMessage("Your shroud allows you to mount animals.");
    10.                 else
    11.                 {
    12.                     from.SendMessage("Only Humans and Those wearing an Eternal Shroud may mount...");
    13.                     return;
    14.                 }
    15.             }
    17.             if (this.IsDeadPet)
    18.                 return;
    4) And remove/comment out - this from On Double Click
    Code (C#):
    1.             if (from.Race == Race.Gargoyle && from.IsPlayer())
    2.             {
    3.                 from.SendLocalizedMessage(1112281);
    4.                 this.OnDisallowedRider(from);
    5.                 return;
    6.             }

    And you are done. Equip the robe to your gargoyle and try to mount your favorite horse ;)

    To note, this was done with Humans in mind, you can easily cut out race human and drop in elf or something else or even add in the pipe to do both human and elf. :) Poor gargoyles need a mod to ride, well least they can now ride.. lol

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