1. RegionControl No mount

    As the title says, trying to figure out how to set a flag in the region controller to toggle the action of being able to mount or not mount. And also wanting it to dismount when entering the region boundary. Anyone have an idea of where to start with this? Thanks for your time.
  2. MoreBeer

    Escorts & Regions on a custom map.

    I cant seem to figure out why the escort does not see it self in the region at final destination. I have checked baseEscort.cs, everything seems fine there. I see my regions are set and defined? so what am i missing?
  3. Zigholtul88

    Almhara Starter Pack Vol.2 2020-01-11

    Hello there girls, guys and others if we're going by Ultima 3 standards. After some consideration and finally mustering up the energy to do so, I decided to finally release somewhat of a sequel to my previous Almhara Starter Pack. However keep in mind this is not simply a dump into your customs...
  4. Alauric Avanti

    Regions and Escorts

    I have a custom map and my escorts aren't getting a destination. SO they just wander around and I can not escort them. I have changed the base escort script and the regions to reflect new towns names. Is there something else I need to look at?
  5. Norman Lancaster

    Misc Region Editor 2018-07-15

    This is the old Region Editor with an updated UltimaSDK. It works with everything from 1.x clients to the latest. I did not touch the region editing. I'm not 100% sure how to use this thing but it is at least useful to verify regions.