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Almhara Starter Pack Vol.2 2020-01-11

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Hello there girls, guys and others if we're going by Ultima 3 standards. After some consideration and finally mustering up the energy to do so, I decided to finally release somewhat of a sequel to my previous Almhara Starter Pack. However keep in mind this is not simply a dump into your customs and forget about it package since the goal of this is merely to offer up ideas and concepts pertaining to how you wanna spice up your shard. Some scripts have been carried over from the previous package and simplified to allow for easier transferring and certain scripts made from other users have been included and even expanded upon to allow for some much needed fun. If anything else treat this package as somewhat of a goodie bag where you can pick and choose what elements you wanna incorporate into your server though in the case of most of the mobiles they come equipped with their own unique loot tailored specifically towards them and some mobiles even have expanded options in the form of new unique nicknames as the case with mongbats, ophidians, and terathans.

This package is basically a thank you letter towards everyone within the community who has inspired me all the way back in 2005 during high school to consider picking up the art of coding and from there I've manage to grow to the point where I'm capable of conjuring up concepts I never even thought was possible with this game. UO may not be as popular as it was in its heyday, but its because of this community that this game still manages to thrive and I can only imagine what the future has in store for all of us.

Character Creation
- Scripts contained in this folder is pretty simple for the most part. Allows new players to choose from 3 genders and 3 races. This is largely meant to be used in areas designated as a new player spot for character creation.

- One file is included in this folder and its just optional names for certain mobiles contained within this package such as the case with ophidians, terathans, and mongbats.

Distro Mods
- Two files are included in this folder which allows for the new character creation gumps to show up on newly created players and in the case of BaseRegion if you're playing as a pair of running pants.

Environment Sound Generator
- In addition to Zerodowned's wave script being included, his idea was expanded upon to allow for additional sound effects to include fire burning, cricket chirps, swamp noises and a few others.

- Scripts included in this folder range from new books and song lyrics, breakable dungeon barrels, farmable corn crops, monster loot tailor made for specific mobiles, and in addition to Zerodowned's Movable Trap script his idea has been expanded upon for some added fun.

- This folder actually contains two folders. New monsters and some upgrades to classic ones all with unique abilities in order to help spice up the battlefield. *Note* The items from the monster loot folder is required for most of these mobiles since its built into their carvable data.

- The scripts contained within this folder will more than likely require an outside source in the form of a region editor and basically they add some much needed ambience into certain areas.

- Remove Trap: Updated to include the custom traps that can be disarmed depending on skill level. Best if the traps are set on spawners so that they can regenerate after enough time has passed.
- TasteID: One of the most useless skills in the entire game has been given a major makeover by taking inspiration and elements from other rpgs. Can be used on various designated foods, mobiles, items, weapons, etc. and each one will more than likely do something different depending on certain factors ranging from being able to restore lost hit points, blowing up your targets, polymorphing yourself into certain creatures, getting free reagents depending on Magery skill, damaging yourself with your own weapons and even going so far as to potentially delete your character from the server if you lick a certain item. The idea with TasteID is still somewhat a work in progress and is really meant for roleplaying reasons if you wanna add some much needed hilarity into your server.
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