1. TheArt

    Art Teleporter (Alchemical Symbol) Replacemments 2021-05-07

    I got tired of the teleporters looking.... well, the same. They all looked so similar that I needed to replace them. I learned the hard way you can't add all 27, so.... I figured I'd share this in hopes others will use them.
  2. TheArt

    Art Sign Replacement 2021-01-13

    So the guild signs to me don't mean anything and are hard for players to understand sometimes so I figured I would just replacement. Feel free to use these signs however you want though, and even add the 'blank' signs I made in other slots
  3. TheArt

    Maps Map Replacement for Ter Mur/Map 5 2021-01-07

    I do not have buildings built on this map except in one location. you will have to build the others yourself. I did this purposefully for those who feel like building on Map 5. This map is given AS IS and I will not be uploading another version of this map PERIOD. If you have anything you...
  4. Zigholtul88

    Gumps New Elven Paperdolls (18+) 2020-08-26

    Well I never thought I'd reach the day where I was capable of achieving something of this caliber and while the results aren't exactly perfect I was able to "in my opinion" give the elven race a must needed upgrade in terms of visual presentation. Let it be know that this was not a easy task...
  5. TheArt

    A Unicorn that fits the classic version of UO 1.0

    I always found the third dawn unicorn to look... just... horrible. It always irked me and finally I decided to 'fix' it in my client to look like what a unicorn is supposed to, by lore, look like. Donkey/Lion tail and all. It looks like a horse from the original game. Yes, I edited a horse...
  6. TheArt

    Maps Blank Water Map 1.0

    So, I wanted to be able to draw a map from scratch on my own... Problem, you can't find a blank map anywhere!!!! ... This took a good chunk of of my day flattening the map to complete 0. No negatives, no positives. It is a water map that has the base number 0. Now, keep in mind, from what I...