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Gumps New Elven Paperdolls (18+) 2020-08-26

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Well I never thought I'd reach the day where I was capable of achieving something of this caliber and while the results aren't exactly perfect I was able to "in my opinion" give the elven race a must needed upgrade in terms of visual presentation.

Let it be know that this was not a easy task. In fact it took me about two days in order to make these. One day dedicated towards making out the sketches and redrawing them digitally, then the second day splicing together bits and pieces I could in order to make everything match up accordingly and you can bet it took about a dozen attempts as some areas were a bit off in the final product.

Feel free to use these at your own discretion and if you want me to attempt a less 18+ version of these gumps then don't hesitate to ask.
  • Elf Male Paperdoll.png
    Elf Male Paperdoll.png
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  • Elf Female Paperdoll.png
    Elf Female Paperdoll.png
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  1. New Elven Paperdolls (Fixed)

    2020-08-26 Update: Fixed the female elf paperdoll.