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    Better Begging: Making the begging skill more fun and interesting 2022-08-08

    In UO, the begging skill has always been a particularly underwhelming skill. While many of the skills, like anatomy or eval int, at least have a secondary function, begging has always felt useless. This update is designed to make begging more fun to use and give it a function besides RP. What...
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    Problem with Lokai Skills, Tree Harvesting, Building Construction

    Hi everyone! I am trying to install "Lokai's Skill System" but I am getting errors like these: error CS0234: The type or name of namespace 'Factions' does not exist in namespace 'Server'. An assembly reference is probably missing. [C: \ ServUO-master \ Scripts \ Scripts.csproj] But I can't find...
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    Iteration between skills

    Hello everyone! I hope you can help me, I would like to ask you how to create an interaction between two or more skills, let me explain: I would like to make sure that if Magery is higher than a certain value, then the skills Swordsmanship, Parryng, etc ... can arrive maximum to a tot. Can you...
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    Advanced Camping & Outpost System 2020-06-16

    Camping has always been an under utilized skill in UO and I wanted to make it a little more useful and fun to use. To do this, I've added items and perks to building campfires as well as introduced Outposts that can be placed around the world for skilled campers to find and upgrade for the...
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    Scrolls Of Transcendence For Base Creature 2017-05-01

    This works just like the Player Scrolls Of Transcendence but on Base Creature that are not Evo Mercs