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Advanced Camping & Outpost System 2.1

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Camping has always been an under utilized skill in UO and I wanted to make it a little more useful and fun to use. To do this, I've added items and perks to building campfires as well as introduced Outposts that can be placed around the world for skilled campers to find and upgrade for the benefit of themselves and other players.

1) Camper's map: These are items that will allow campers to Mark the location of Outposts and campsites, to be returned to later.

2) Upgraded campfire: At 70 Camping, the player will be able to upgrade their campfire, which allows all players who enter the area to gain a temporary stat boost.

3)Outposts: These are upgradable camps that can be placed throughout the world in specific locations by the server admins.
- Their initial state is as "abandoned" outposts, and appear as extinguished fire pits. A player with 50 camping can light the fire and establish an outpost. This grants them the ability to add specific utilities that are usable by all passing players.
They can:
- mark location: (50 skill) Mark their camper's map so they can return to the location later.
- add a tent: (70 skill) Allows players within range to log out safely.
- add a shrine: (90 skill) Adds an ankh that can resurrect players.
- add a stash: (100 skill) Adds a chest that allows players to access their bank.

Outposts last 1 hour before they decay and revert back to their 'abandoned' state.
Outposts also revert back to their abandoned state after server reset.

Instructions: replace your Campfire.cs with the one provided then just drop all other files into your custom folder.

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