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Better Begging: Making the begging skill more fun and interesting 2022-08-08

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In UO, the begging skill has always been a particularly underwhelming skill. While many of the skills, like anatomy or eval int, at least have a secondary function, begging has always felt useless.
This update is designed to make begging more fun to use and give it a function besides RP.

What does begging do now?
The new function of this skill will allow players to get cheaper prices from vendors though skill use.
When you use the begging skill on NPC vendors (non-player house vendors), You'll get a gump that will display some key information.
First, It'll indicate the vendor's disposition toward you. If you fail to beg for a cheaper price, the vendor will get angry with you.

Second, you'll have a number of options to use if you want to interact with the vendor:
Beg for gold - The skill's original functionality.
Vendor discount - Your current discount with that vendor.
Beg - simply, you beg for a cheaper price. This is what you use when you don't have the skill for the other options
Once your begging skill reaches 30, you will be able to use the other options.
Persuade - You can use the amount of karma you have to help you succeed on getting a cheaper price. The greater your karma, the better your chances are.
You can only use this option if your karma is greater than 0.

Intimidate - You can use the amount of negative karma you have to help you succeed in getting a cheaper price. It's the 'evil' counterpart to persuade.
You can only use this option if your karma is less than 0.


Your vendor discount:
When you succeed on begging check though beg/persuade/intimidate, you'll get a discount on anything you buy from that specific vendor for 1 hour(or until the server resets).
Your discount is based on your character's level of fame. Your fame is split into 5 levels, with a 10% discount per level of fame. This will give you a max of 50% discount with the highest level of fame.


Your attempts to influence people:
When you try to beg/barter with a vendor, you are limited to a certain number of attempts before they will get frustrated and no long wish to negotiate with you.
The number of attempts you're given is also based on your level of fame. The more famous you are, the more negotiating the vendor will be willing to put up with:
You are given 5 attempts by default + your level of fame, which is a max of 10 attempts with max fame.
If you fail all of your attempts to beg for a cheaper price, you'll have to wait for 1 hour(or until the server resets), then you'll be able to try again.

Non-Vendor NPCs:
When interacting with NPCs that don't sell you goods, the skill will maintain its original functionality.

Download the .rar file, replace your BaseVendor.cs and Begging.cs with the ones provided and place BeggingStone.cs in your custom folder.

That should be everything. Thanks and enjoy!
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