1. siirmoiss

    Abyss Lord ServUO

    Es un pequeño engendro que hice, hace años se utilizaba este engendro para los nuevos personajes. Actualmente lo utilizo en mi servidor.
  2. ParanoiaPhD

    Not A Bug No rotting corpses?

    I stopped playing ultima online a year ago and know of two places Rotting Corpes spawn at... South of compassion and in doom. I haven't seen any at either of these places. This is an inaccuracy report not a bug report. I will add them myself but yeah just wanted to let you know because they are...
  3. Aschnyder26

    XSpawner Rev. 1.4 2017-02-10

    ============================= XSpawner Rev 1.4 (ServUO) Originally Modded By Demeted Rev 1.4 Updated by Delphi ============================= ============================= Changelog: 1.3 to 1.4 ============================= Fixed dead command links Changed load paths to "Xspawner" from "Spawner"...
  4. arphile

    Massive Random Animal Spawner 2016-10-11

    Just put it in your script folder and use this command. [AnimalSpawnGen for make spawners and [AnimalSpawnRem for remove all animal spawners. This Script checks the distance with other animal spawners and place it to forests. ( If a place which script want to place, script will check near...