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XSpawner Rev. 1.4 2017-02-10

Mod based off of Nerun's Distro for ServUO

  1. Aschnyder26
    XSpawner Rev 1.4 (ServUO)
    Originally Modded By Demeted
    Rev 1.4 Updated by Delphi

    Changelog: 1.3 to 1.4
    Fixed dead command links
    Changed load paths to "Xspawner" from "Spawner" to prevent xmlspawner from mixing the spawnfiles up
    Removed "Get Spawner" Command
    Removed "Set Spawner" Command
    Added "Smartspawn On"
    Added "XML Attachement List"
    Fixed GMBody
    Fixed Show and Hide Spawners
    Added Spawn Files for Trammel, Felucca, Illshenar, Malas, Tokuno and Termur

    Known Bugs

    The TerMur spawns are incomplete some of the files are empty. I had to track down the XML spawnfiles online so I have collected what I could. The rest of the Facet spawn files should be complete.

    All credit for this cool system goes to Demented. He was the first one to make this mod. Thank you Demented for your work, and of course Nerun who made the original "Premium Spawner" system off of which this is based.

    Also the respective authors of all the XML tutorials included. I do not know them all but thank you for your work!

    Thanks to Dmurphy for posting the spawnfiles located here https://sourceforge.net/p/uov/uov/ci/67ddcdd8a18179afa718011ceb04e93c55489d09/?page=0

    1) Just drop the whole folder into your Custom Scripts folder.

    2) Move the XSpawner folder to the root directory of your server where your .EXE is located

    3) Enjoy!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Nerun
    Version: 2017-02-10
    Thank you for keeping my work alive! ;-)
    1. Aschnyder26
      Author's Response
      I love your work! It saved me countless hours over the years. Always was my go to spawner! :D