1. HellRazor

    ServUO Publish 58 - Last Version with XMLQuest 58

    XMLQuest and other "extra" XMLSpawner systems were removed from the ServUO github repository for Publish 58 beginning on March 31, 2020. This is a pull of Publish 58 as it was on March 30, 2020, before these systems were removed.
  2. UOMaddog

    Sequential (progressive) spawn reset with XmlSpawner2

    I have a XmlSpawner that has 7 levels. If a player doesn't successfully complete a level (let's say level 4), then after the duration, it removes the creatures. That all appears to be working fine. However, we're having some strange behavior after that. After level 4 (for example) despawns, if...
  3. Cad Bane

    Setting a higher accesslevel on spawning / modifying XMLSpawners

    Hello, Can anyone guide me in the right direction to make spawning and using props on XMLSpawners administrators only? Thanks in advance.
  4. tass23

    Misc XmlDialog Editor 2017-06-22

    This is NOT my software, just adding it here for everyone to be able to access. The author published it on CodePlex, and at the time of this uploaded, CodePlex has notified users they are shutting down the service. https://xmldialogeditor.codeplex.com/ Description: Use this program to edit...
  5. ImaNewb

    XSpawner Rev. 1.4 2017-02-10

    ============================= XSpawner Rev 1.4 (ServUO) Originally Modded By Demeted Rev 1.4 Updated by Delphi ============================= ============================= Changelog: 1.3 to 1.4 ============================= Fixed dead command links Changed load paths to "Xspawner" from "Spawner"...