1. Iomega0318

    Item Script Prevent Socket

    So I am using the XML Socketing system which works great, however is there a way to add in the scripts that when an item is created it does not get the attachment applied? I don't mind if it's socketed after creation but I don't want to spawn lets say a donation item in only to have it be...
  2. Cad

    Setting a higher accesslevel on spawning / modifying XMLSpawners

    Hello, Can anyone guide me in the right direction to make spawning and using props on XMLSpawners administrators only? Thanks in advance.
  3. ImaNewb

    XSpawner Rev. 1.4 2017-02-10

    ============================= XSpawner Rev 1.4 (ServUO) Originally Modded By Demeted Rev 1.4 Updated by Delphi ============================= ============================= Changelog: 1.3 to 1.4 ============================= Fixed dead command links Changed load paths to "Xspawner" from "Spawner"...
  4. Rex

    Unique player name dictionary per player

    Hello, I'm looking to get some feedback or direction on how a system like this could be created and implemented. Here are the details of how I imagine the system working. For clarity this explanation contains 2 players. The first named himself Joseph, the second named herself Leah. 1. Each...