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    Summary of tiledata settings

    Can someone please point me to a page with a comprehensive summary of what all of the seetings in tiledata.mul do? I mean some of them are obvious, like "impassable", but others like "foliage" or "liquid" are less clear. And even for the ones with a rather clear intuitive meaning, it would be...
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    Misc Tilecon - convert tiledata to json and back 2018-07-09

    Hello! The freeshard I am working for had some issues regarding team collab. while working on tiledata. So we were trying to find a way to convert tiledata(and in the future more files) to human readable format so we can keep it on our git. The result of this effort was a tool called tilecon...
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    Modified TileData.cs to extract AnimID/GumpID from ItemID 2017-05-15

    A modified TileData.cs which extracts also AnimID from TileData.mul. I've seen quite a few people asking for a way to find a paperdoll gump for an item - with this TileData.cs you can use the added function TileData.GumpFromID(int itemID, bool female = false) to get the GumpID of an item...