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Barrels, Fallen Barrels, Crates, Baskets - by Hestia,

I added these because the old graphics has holes. Some new types. View attachment 20559

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I redid these barrels because the old graphic had holes.

B =Barrel, F = Fallen Barrel, S = Basket, C = Crate

Missing items can be found at uopixel or servuo

Apple B, F, ,

Banana B, F,S,C

Cantelope B, F, ,C

Carrot B, F, ,

Coconut B, F, ,C

Corn B, F,S,C

Cotton B, F,S,C

Eggs B, ,S,C

Fish B, ,S,C

Grain B, ,

Grapes B, F, ,C

Jelly Beans B, F,S,C

Lemons B, F, ,C

Lettuce B, F,S,C

Limes B, F, ,C

Onion B, F,S,C

Peaches B, F, ,C

Pears B, F,S,C

Plums B, F,S,C

Pumpkin B, F,S,C

Radish B, F,S,C

Squash B, F,S,C

Strawberry B, F,S,C

Watermelon B, F,S,C