Dear all,
Sorry to post this many stuff, i'm testing out things and trying to find me a way to easy create an fresh server.

So lets say you got the base server all up and running , what 's the best move after that, knowing I would love to put following stuff in owltr, imbue, evo, pet breeding and a lot of scripts i have found online.

How do you all start?
I've noticed that adding owltr is harder then with a runuo server as there seem to be alot of changes in servuo that runuo doesn't have. (like ml).

If I ever get it up and running with all the stuff in it I prommise i'll pack it up and trow it online so other servuo nooblets like me have it a bit easier :)

It should be possible to get any custom system working with ServUO. Just may take time and please for help when needed.

As for the ML stuff comment. The newest revision of the RunUO svn includes a new ML quest system of it's own (finally, I's only been how many years since ML was releasd...?) I will be replacing the old ML system that is currently being used by ServUO with their new system in the near future. So expect changes here.

I believe someone ported OWLTR for ServUO already, so I suggest looking around for that.

Once I'm finished catching ServUO up on the updates from the RunUO project, I plan to focus back on some core updates/improvements and get back to work on Shard Control. Till Shard Control is further along, spawning the world won't be so easy out of the box. So I would familiarize myself with the xml spawner commands, or look into other options. Such as installing Nerun's distro.

Although options such as Nerun's distro will make things a pain later on, as it uses Premium spawners. While ServUO will solely rely on XML spawners (unless we decide to build a new spawner system later for some reason...? ;) ) meaning switching back once Shard Control is finished could result in a lot of manual work.
byaccident greetings again. My way of starting a server every time I do is I always install One system at a time. I usually start with FSATS animal taming then i move to DAATS99 and just keep importing one major system at a time. Smaller one scripts are pretty much easier since it mostly a one line fix or one word fix from older set ups. I would not suggest neruns myself, I have always exclusively used xmlspawner. It has way more options and ways to use it then smartspawner, even if you never use the other things with xmlspawner and just use them as a spawner they still outdo any other spawner i have seen.
This time I am importing my old shard into ServUO and it was from the old runuo 1.0 days so it has been a feet so far but it is getting there. So it can be done and it just takes patience and time. Hope you are having fun at it and I try to help when I think i can.
tnx for the reply manofwar Been a bit bussy the last few days so haven't done alot on the server. Picking up where i left off.
Atm I'm looking to see if I can find an Imbue system to put in. the daat99, FSATS and netuns are in and working.
I have an imbuing system working on my server I think I found it here *will search* it works great for me. As far as the Daat99's OWL I have not installed it so idk and I have been rebuilding the ATS from the ground up so I don't have the old system installed either.

Has anyone ported over the auction system? That my friends is a priority lol!

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Here is the imbuing script from ServUO forums.
So far so good, I have it merged into my core, and will be testing it over the coming week.
One small piece of code needs to be commented out if not using Nerun's however, and some of the ingredients need to be added to loot drops.

I will be working on merging Daats OWLTR into a clean ServUO base over the next week as well, I will post on the forums when I am done.