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Blank Staidx & Statics 1.1

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Blank Staidx & Statics - Blank Statics and Staidx for those who need to fix up some hiccups with CentrED+

So knowing how programs work, I also know that if I ended up with a statics file that was over a 1 gig big from CentrED+ that I shouldn't be the only person who ends up having that hiccup.

That being said, I know you, like me, wouldn't want to have to go back and redo EVERYTHING.

Learning how to adapt to the situation and learning how to fix things up I'm going to say that this resource is made for someone who knows what the f#(#$ they are doing or willing to understand that THEY NEED to...

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The Art, wouldn't it be easier to use RadMapCopy? Copy your statics to the original and thus reduce its size to the required empty statics. I find your procedure unnecessarily complicated. But maybe I'm missing some crucial information as to why you're doing this. Of course an empty statics, that's a good job. I think it can be used in several ways.


Does this procedure still work if you don't unfreeze the entire world but just portions of it, like all the towns. Customize with your own buildings and then refreeze? This normally causes a HUGE file size.


Well that process is error prone and tedious. Just defrag statics in UOFiddler and you are good to go ;)