Dark Forest


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Port: 2593
optional hues file available on website

Dark Forest is a custom shard with a little something for everyone. We are deeply customized freeshard.
We don't just plug in a premade systems, we make our own. PVP & PVM/PVE as well a custom crafting system made from scratch coming soon.

2 accts/IP
3 houses per acct, all houses are ageless
450 stat cap, 250 individual cap

We accept All types of players in the Dark Forest. So come take a walk in the Dark & see what lurks.

List of features as of 9/8/2021

- 2 Accounts Per IP

- 3 houses per account

- 1st character on each account will get a 50k gold check

-- all houses are ageless and will not decay

- Significantly boosted random magic item drops

- Jewelry can have Powder of Fortification used on it

- Paragons are enabled on all maps, but will not spawn as part of a Champion's spawn

- Each skill can be raised to 120 through training

- Total skill cap has been increased so you can max all skills

- Champions will drop powerscrolls for 135.00 and scrolls to increase the total skill cap (on my TODO list)

- Total stat cap is 450

- Individual stat cap is 250

- Stat gain chance has been significantly boosted

- Gear bonuses are allowed to exceed this cap up to 1,500 and can allows skills to exceed caps as well

- Players will start with a MasterKey stocked with all Resource Keys available, weapon, armor, etc keys are usable from your backpack

- Resource keys now display resources in crafting gumps

- [bandself will pull bandages from first an everlasting bandage and secondly a resource key

- ranged weapons will first use an everlasting arrow and secondly a resource key

- updated forges now will allow you to auto smelt all ore of your chosing from a resource key

- variable mobiles have been added, red, blue, and black varieties. each variety is slightly tougher than the previous or original mob. but they drop extra gold. the extra gold drop can be seen by a pile of blue gold in the corpse.

- Bulk Orders will give you 50% the points if banked, instead of only 2%

- You can cache up to 5 bods at a time, with a delay to get a new one every hour

- Treasure Map chests have a chance to drop Dark Forest Bucks (aka "donation" currency)

- Dungeon Chests have a chance to drop Legendary Artifact tier gear

- The UO Store can be opened from anywhere, but it will no longer make you hidden

- Reds and Greys can walk on all maps and use the bank and vendors like normal
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