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I never really cared for the Davie's Locker gump in regards to the coordinates, so I decided to try to make some changes. So far, things have worked out (after doing a bit of shuffling). The only issues I'm having is getting the SOS's to show Ancient. Because of the gump art itself, I was limited to how I could do things. First pic shows original, second shows my version so far. What I want to do is have the Ancient show in the last column if possible (as indicated with the red circle) along with the t-map type. After that I will just need to change the label at the top of the column to say Type or something, once I remember how to change it from a CliLoc to a string without it throwing a fit. The 2 showing "unknown" are just an MIB & undecoded t-map, which is fine. Any suggestions and/or help would be appreciated.
ScreenHunter 102.jpgScreenHunter 104.jpg
The changes I've made are mainly here
                if (TreasureMapInfo.NewSystem && entry is TreasureMapEntry)
                    //   AddHtmlLocalized(174, y, 110, 20, GetPackage((TreasureMapEntry)entry), Yellow, false, false);
                    AddHtmlLocalized(473, y, 110, 20, GetPackage((TreasureMapEntry)entry), Yellow, false, false);
                    AddHtmlLocalized(373, y, 110, 20, GetLevel((TreasureMapEntry)entry), Yellow, false, false);
                    AddHtmlLocalized(373, y, 110, 20, GetLevel(entry), Yellow, false, false);

                if ((entry is TreasureMapEntry && ((TreasureMapEntry)entry).Decoder == null) || (entry is SOSEntry && !((SOSEntry)entry).Opened))
                    AddHtmlLocalized(198, y, 140, 20, 1153569, Yellow, false, false); // Unknown
                    AddHtmlLocalized(198, y, 140, 20, 1060847, GetLocation(entry), Yellow, false, false); // ~1_val~ ~2_val~
                //  AddHtmlLocalized(473, y, 100, 20, GetStatus(entry), Yellow, false, false);


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