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Dread Nightmare - My first attempt to make things go tick

I haven't played OSI/EA in years so I maybe incorrect on the naming of this script. Dreadmare - Dread Nightmare -Dread Warhorse.

I did some research on UO Stratics for information on this mount. If I missed something please let me know. I am NOT a scripter by all means. This is really my first one that I have worked on. I took the nightmare.cs and made some adjustments. I feel lucky enough just to figure this much out LOL.

The loot drop on this mare is the same as the nightmare.

Lady Raven~

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Pretty good Lady Raven. There is more to the Dread though, for instance, if the owner say's the word "Trick" while standing by the Dread Mare, the mare lets out a scream like that of an ophidian, along with a large plume of dark smoke (like a smoke screen). It is also restricted to once per 15 minutes. This was one way for one to see for certain that it was a Dread, when attempting to buy from another player, and not be scammed with a regular mare.. asside from its higher hit points than the Mare. Up to 6 or 700 Hits,. cant remember right off.

I am not certain if it was OSI or my own addition, but I think it also made you invisible in the cloud of smoke.

Anyways, thanks for sharing!
Wow I had not realized it did all that! Well crap. As I said I am not really a scripter so I have no idea how to make it do all those things.
If someone would like to fix it or help me with it. That would be cool. If ya all want to remove this that is fine too.

Dont be sorry! I wasnt putting anything down at all, just adding some info on the thing is all :)

Maybe i will post the one I have, however close it is to the real one, and we can all tweak on it to complete it
Here is a version of the Dread War Horse I got help with from Kalamus.

If you say 'Trick' while mounted, it will do the black cloud effect. If a staff member it will also Hide you (couldn't get it to hide players). It also has a pretty mean Poison Area attack, making it much more desirable over their Nightmare counterpart


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