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Easter Egg Hunt Quest - Easter, Hunt

Might be a bit early, but thought I would get 2 Easter Quests posted in case any one would be planning for Easter :)
This one is more of an Easter Egg Hunt- so would be perfect also for any new player's.

Note: I just noticed that the Pet Bunny Statue which is a reward also (turns into a bunny pet) The Id some how changed in the EasterBunnyPetStatue.cs just change this
public EasterBunnyPetStatue() : base( 9762 )<<<this Id shown here
Pet Statue was Scripted by Raelis

How To:
With this easter egg hunt -10 eggs(all of same hue) will need to be collected
There are 4 different hues
Turning in 10 (stacked eggs) the reward will be a gift box with 1 random item
So they can continue with the egg hunt with collecting more items

To change the amount of...

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I was looking for a way to give a bonded pet in a quest and found this. I can reconfigure the pet for other holidays... but what are all the evolution timer parts about? It does not seem to be on any kind of timer, it does not ever go back into its spawn item. (But of course, since the pet is bonded you can [shrink or stable it.) There is mention of EasterBunnyPet dragon = new EasterBunnyPet (); so it seems to be something from a dragon script. Is the timer needed or left over from an old use? The summoner says it was scripted by Raelis.

I was just trying to figure out what the timer bits do... I was not going to mess with that portion since I do not understand it - but I would like to understand it.
@Tukaram it appears to be a delay timer, so you get statue as the reward and then "1 day" from there you can " free the Easter Bunny Pet from its Statue"

could be wrong as I'm still VERY new at this C# stuff
I think it's cause in the script it's already set as true. When I was playing with the Evo pets I noticed they all start with property as "Allow Evolution = False" where this one starts as True