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Easter Egg Hunt Quest 1.0

Easter, Hunt

  1. Milva
    Might be a bit early, but thought I would get 2 Easter Quests posted in case any one would be planning for Easter :)
    This one is more of an Easter Egg Hunt- so would be perfect also for any new player's.

    How To:
    With this easter egg hunt -10 eggs(all of same hue) will need to be collected
    There are 4 different hues
    Turning in 10 (stacked eggs) the reward will be a gift box with 1 random item
    So they can continue with the egg hunt with collecting more items

    To change the amount of special easter eggs needed, go into Danny.cs
    Look for

    if ( mobile != null)if( dropped is SpecialEasterEgg2)
    if(dropped.Amount!=10)<<< change this amount

    You can spawn Danny in Brit or any town (Dannygump mentions Brit)
    I would set up several spawners in different locations in Brit
    so they will need to check buildings to find them

    One of the gifts which they can get is an Easter Bunny Pet Statue
    This bunny is only slightly tougher then a normal rabbit
    When you click the statue (after a few minutes of recieving this)
    they will get a pet easter bunny (bonded)
    Other random items
    Stuffed Bunny- vest will be hued (random of direction of Bunny)
    Chocolate Rabbit
    Moving Easter Egg
    Easter Hat
    Danny will also give a Easter Basket once they accept the quest to put their collected eggs into.
    SS Shows Reward Items
    EasterQuestEggHunt.JPG DannyQuestNPC.JPG