Some things were really irking me, so I changed them.

I fixed the top gap that was in-between the menu and the body, and also moved the search up a bit above. Also, switched the background to be a bit darker to be easier on the eyes, and finally thinned the site up a little bit. There was way too much space.

Hope you guys like it, I'll tweak on more things to come.
Yes, much easier on the eyes now. Really like the 'thin' layout too. Didn't like having it all stretched out with so much unused space.
The darker background doesn't do much to help lessen the strain on the eyes at night because the center is still the same light sand-ish color.
I was wondering why it got changed. In honesty why not just offer us different board themes.
As far as the site being thinner, the layout width is dynamic so I don't understand how it's "thinner". The size you are viewing the site can make the margins larger or smaller because it's dynamic.
The site is thinner because I made the width of the scaled site 65% of the total window width, compared to 85%.

I will work more on the main board theme as time comes, I just had extra time and did these few minor tweaks, which in my opinion has helped a good bit :)