Took me a few days to bypass the new account creation problem but hey here we are.

For those of you that like to know more I'm a scripting newb, not new to uo , had some sphere servers back in the old days , played around hosting a few of them.
I'm from Belgium and i'm going to the big 4 0 in a few years.

atm I'm trying to get a server up and running using the latest servuo core.

Sorry for the delays in fixing the site. Been rather busy with things. Although I have been working on the site a little here and there. Been finding it hard to do anything online lately due to it being so cloudy here lately and me being stuck on satellite internet.

I will be doing a lot of work to the site over the next week or so. I've been prepping for the coming upgrade to 1.2 for XenForo. So you may notice some features vanish for a while. As I will be testing compatibility for addons with the new version, plus the new upgrade removes the need for multiple addons I was already using for the site.

As for updates to the ServUO repo. I have done some work on it, I'm in the middle of merging in all the new ML quest stuff from RunUO. I will be removing the ML quest system by Malgains (believe he made it...?) and replacing it with the new one from RunUO. I will most likely do a push after the updates with new ML quest system, and then another later with the remaining updates from RunUO. As I believe there may be a few issues with some people with custom shards already, since we'll be phasing out the old ML quest system. Support will be given on the site here if some old questers need to be converted over to use the new base class or something else that will work.
I'm seeing a few changes :) satellite internet has to be really horrible, hope you can keep clear sky's for a while! For those on Craftuo who had problems trying to register I can inform them to go again and try.
I hope to be moving soon. Hope to move close enough to town to get cable internet, but not actually in town. Can't wait to get fast net back, that is for sure. Miss my 30mb line like crazy. :(
no problem Insanity I took a longer way to get on the forums but i made it in.
You can register using a facebook account , then if you don't like a connection between forum and facebook. you can delete the connection between facebook and forum.
Let me just thank you for the time and effort you put in to this project.
Well I hope to have any and all registering issues fixed here soon. The upgrade to 1.2 should fix it. Plus there are other things I need to fix here on the forum/site. Anyways, welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy your stay. =D