Forum is looking great love the banner! One question, not sure if anyone else has this problem, with
craftuo I don't have to scroll back and forth to view everything, where here I have to. Is it possible
to make the settings a bit not so wide/width or would that ruin it? :D Just wondering.
If your monitor is that small, you can hold control and scroll your mouse wheel to zoom out. Chrome will remember zoom level per site, and you can zoom and still change only font size if you have issues with font getting small. I have to do this for sites on my tiny laptop.

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I've managed to fix the entire style. The forum should resize along with your window size. Also the banner should resize to not look retarded if you're using a huge/small resolution.
I'm really liking the outlook and the banner of the forums. Really nice improvement, and a nice name to go with it! :)
I'm hoping to change it so the banner randomly rotates, as I have other banners too. Although I have a few things I need to fix before leaving for work. Banner shall wait.