Hey guys,

Just somewhat discovered ServUO recently.. heard about it from time to time, but never really took the time to look it over. I have always been pretty partial to using RunUO rather than a fork. But with the team I see contributing to this one, how can you go wrong??

I have been a member of RunUO since before the first Beta release. Im no true programmer, but have been coding RunUO stuff from the begining, beta 1, and I do allright ;)

I had been away for a few years, but have always continued to develop little by little the shard and map I have built, be it with map work or scripts.

I have been Administrator of Ryandor.com about the same amount of time, however dead that site has been last several years.. it was THE place to go for a very long time for anything related to custom map creating.. I miss those days, I miss working with Punt and the rest.

Anyways, I am about to take a plunge into ServUO soon, and upgrade my server to the latest version. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, and say THANK YOU guys for all the work that has been put into this project!! Its great to know there is still an active community that is continuing the development to this great Emulator! I am looking forward to eventually re-launching our shard again, after 5 years or so.
Also cant wait to get into the Vita-Nex core soon, just wicked cool and amazing stuff Voxpire!

Great looking site too! A little slow on FireFox, but pretty sure thats the nature of the beast. Looking forward to spending some time around here, and in time, helping others as I usually enjoy!

Thanks everyone.
A lot of work ahead updating my RunUO version to latest ServUO.

I have a build that is somewhere around the 2.2 distro, with very heavy mods just to support my custom map.. then with ML content and much more.. I am hoping my ML and other stuff is compatible enough not to have to resort to wiping much, or spending massive time manipulating serializations...
Like I mentioned, I have been building on my shard since RunUO beta 1, so you could imagine the changes made over those years, just relating to a custom map alone.. Pretty much anything I add needs modified to my map. distro or community released.

Is there a package that has Voxpire's Vita-Nex core already in ServUO? Or is that still just its own package, needing added?