Let me check it out Insanity posted this[DOUBLEPOST=1376012987][/DOUBLEPOST]Ok are you looking to upload the Classic Client in the archive section? And you can't click on the Download button?[DOUBLEPOST=1376013472,1376012865][/DOUBLEPOST]I will check with Insanity also, since this forum was just updated it might need permission fixed :)


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Download issue has been fixed. As for the client thing. You aren't allowed to upload a copy of a client here. For a few reasons. They are usually rather large in size, plus due to copyright issues...I'd rather not host something made directly from EA. You can link to an external download though.
Unfortunately there are no external sites for more recent clients. And the clients are 3.3 MB, not so large huh? Plus the clients are downloadable at their time of release from EA freely anyway, so that is freeware in the end, is it not? I've never heard of EA attacking anyone who made their clients available or the whole packs.
You could link to EA if you're talking about the newest stuff. I'm not sure if they've ever sent anyone a take down notice or not. There is always dropbox, google drive, sky drive, ect. Among many online services.
I've decided to change my stance on clients in the archive for the time being. You should be able to upload a client now, although keep in mind that there is a file size limit for things in the archive. If EA ever sends a take down notice for them though, they'll all be wiped asap.