Hey all!
I've donwloaded servuo: https://github.com/AugmentedInsanity/ForkUO
And i don't know if my procedure to start is right, so i'm looking for help.
After download, i've compiled, then servuo.exe is generated.
By clicking on servuo.exe i get this errors:

+Misc/Console Utilities/Console Commands.cs:
CS0168: Line 316 variable 'e' is declared but it was never used (from portuguese)
+ Services/AssitantNegotiator/Assistants.cs:
cs0162: Line 89: unacessible code detected
cs0162: Line 150: unacessible code detected
+ Commands/Properties.cs:
cs1501: line 420: no overcharge for method 'getvalue' accepts 1 argument
cs1501: line 450: idem
+ Gumps/Properties/PropsGump.cs:
cs1501: line 341: idem
+ Gumps/Properties/SetCustomEnumGump.cs:
cs1501: line 38: idem

In case anyone could help...
Aye, Milva is correct. I would also recommend grabbing the repo from git.servuo.com as I will be taking down the old ForkUO repo on GitHub here soonish. If you checked out the repo, you can actually change your remote address on that repo to the new address. Which will save you from checking out the repo again.
Thanks Insanity!
Hey, could you check the gump for chests? My second page of [props for chests is missing (crafted and drop).
I just read your post on CraftUO a moment ago about this. I will look into this once I'm finished adding in the changes from the RunUO svn. Currently adding in the new ML quest system, which isn't as easy as it sounds. As I'll also be phasing out the old system. I plan to do a push to the repo once I'm finished with the ML updates. Then another with the rest of the updates from the RunUO svn.

As for your comments on the framework version. Players don't need .net 4.5...or .net at all, as long as they aren't using a launcher/utility that requires the framework. 4.5 is required to run the server though.