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Interactive Forges - Old school OSI style Interactive forges

Here is some working forges.
Large East and Large South addons w/Deeds

When you D-click the bellows they make a puff of smoke and a sound
followed by text sent to mobile, "As you stoke the coals the heat intensifies."

Supposedly stoking the forge increased your chance of smelting better ores. This was never proven. It would be kewl though. Maybe someday I'll tackle that part.
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Interactive Forges with Mining Bonus

This update adds the mining bonus to the Bellows.

When double-clicked a bonus +5 mining for 1 minute with 5 minute cool down.

Credit to Soteric for his help with this.

Warning: The skillmod stacks so each forge addon can give a total of
+10 mining
and if someone wanted to drop both deeds in their house they can boost it up to +20 accompanied with mining gloves +5 that would be 125 mining

valorite chance to smelt 100 skill 52%
105 = 62% (Black smith gloves +5)...

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