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Item Id and Self Repair .99

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Dec 26, 2014
Thanks ATruGod. Whats your opinion about immidiately idem id effect for all unidentyfied items inside npc corpse if player with 100 item id target this corpse as item id target. I think its a good choice to prevent problems with loot -and later transport - many of unidentyfied items due deeper dungeons/area exploration especially items unused for a player profession or simple - low stats/atributes items.
So add this else if statement before the other else if statement in the target of the ItemID.cs. I didn't actually test it but it compiles. It should id all items with ItemID of 100 (or more) on targeted corpses. This does not do any notoriety checks.
else if (o is Corpse)
                    PlayerMobile pm = from as PlayerMobile;

                    if (pm.Skills[SkillName.ItemID].Base >= 100.0)
                        Container cont = (Container)o;
                        foreach (Item item in cont.Items)
                                  if (item is BaseWeapon)
                                      ((BaseWeapon)item).Identified = true;
                                  else if (item is BaseClothing)
                                      ((BaseClothing)item).Identified = true;
                                  else if (item is BaseJewel)
                                      ((BaseJewel)item).Identified = true;
                                  else if (item is BaseArmor)
                                      ((BaseArmor)item).Identified = true;


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Jun 6, 2018
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Dark Hills
For anyone who does not want to add the Self Repair part of this modification, just ignore the AOS.cs file and it's edits. That's the only place edits are made to add Self Repair, so focus on everything else. Also, if your expansion is set to Pre-AOS, then you can ignore the BaseClothing.cs, BaseJewel.cs and any edits that mention Clothing or Jewels in the other .cs's.

To users as new as I am, it is helpful to recognize that the files in this download are for you to open, read, and compare to the files you already have. You'll find the edits in the downloaded file by Ctrl+F searching the scripts for keywords like "ItemID" "Mod" or "Item Identification".