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Item Id and Self Repair .99

Activates Item Id and Self Repair features

  1. ATruGod
    Updated for Publish 54
    I didn't write these, just have kept them updated since they were released. I believe spiderxXx wrote them (been so long could be wrong).

    Makes Self Repair work and Makes loot items unidentified. All crafted items, purchased items, and New Player items are identified.

    This was updated for Publish 54 if You have no other edits You can just replace the files, if not Winmerge them or something. If You only want one or the other it would be up to you to separate them.

    WARNING: Adding this to an active shard WILL usually make most (actually all) players items unidentified...and make Them mad, You can do a global Item identified command BEFORE You restart on an upgrade and that will fix that (doing it after the upgrade would make all current monsters have identified loot....unless you did a global respawn.) Enjoy!