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Poisonous Swamps 2015-01-20

Makes Swamps poisonous to Players on foot.

  1. ATruGod
    Compiled for ServUO Publish 54
    Cute little surprise for Players....Players are poisoned if they walk over a landscaped, static, or otherwise added swamp (as in house tiles or Pandora's Box) - Verifies Player "Z" so that walking over a bridge over a swamp does not poison player. Includes Boots that negate the effects.

    I did not create this I just removed it from the PlayerMobile to make it Plug and Play.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Archaaz
    Version: 2015-01-20
    Many thanks for posting this and for making it plug and play! Fantastic!
  2. alchimyst
    Version: 2015-01-20
    Love this...brings back great memories of Ultima and having to get everyone swamp boots. :D